MSP Builder offers tools, videos, and consulting services to Managed Service Providers around the world. Our MSP Tool Chest includes standalone administrative tools to simplify and standardize administrative tasks independent of any VSA/PSA platform. We offer videos that describe MSP services in easy to understand format that can be used for marketing, client retention, and even a simple "what we do" video for your web site. We assist other MSPs with VSA configuration and platform setup & migration tasks.

Core to our offering are several products specific to the Kaseya VSA platform. Our Multi-Tool allows MSPs to develop sophisticated automated Kaseya Service Desk procedures with a standard interface to over 60 functions. The RMM Suite is a turnkey solution for Kaseya that simplifies the deployment of a VSA with automated Service Desk, autonomous Maintenance tools, and a comprehensive set of finely crafted monitors that minimize "alert noise".

Being an MSP, we're sensitive to the specific needs of Managed Service Providers. Take a look around, you'll like what you see!

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MSP Tool Chest

From the Multi-Tool for Service Desk Automation to Log Manager & the Universal Login Script for standardized administration, these tools pack a serious punch for MSPs through standardization and best practices.

The RMM Suite

A turnkey solution for Kaseya VSA, the RMM Suite helps you get the most from your MSP platform with optimized monitors, extensive procedure and System Policy libraries, and a fully automated Service Desk.

Professional Services

Our custom videos work 24x7 to help secure sales for MSPs world-wide. We offer professional services to guide MSPs to optimize their Kaseya platform, create custom procedures, and so much more.