About Us

MSP Builder is a division of Baroan Technologies, a managed service provider in the NYC metro area. We have been providing remote managed services and other IT services to our clients since 1997.

Our MSP’s core values of continuous improvement and always doing our best for our clients make us hypersensitive to the effectiveness and efficiency of every tool we use to deliver our services, and how those tools work together. When we identify an issue or an opportunity, we do everything we can to find the right solution. If that solution doesn’t already exist, we create it ourselves. Every tool on this site has been developed, tested, and used by us. For example, the MSP Builder Multi-Tool and RMM Suite is used in production by Baroan’s RMM platform and has been in daily operation since July 2015 on over 2500 endpoints.

We understand how MSPs operate and what they need to be effective.