Log Manager Pricing

Licensing and Pricing

The Log Management Suite is licensed per MSP for an unlimited number of managed endpoints. It is a Perpetual License, with no additional cost for upgrades - ever! License is affiliated with Kaseya or LabTech agent license.

Price per VSA Platform is just $499

Limitation of Trial Version

An evaluation package available on the download page. A 30-day evaluation license can be requested at no cost. During the evaluation period, the product will run without any restrictions. Once the evaluation license expires, the cleanup process will run in DEBUG mode with the following restrictions:

  • No services are stopped or started;
  • No external commands are executed;
  • No log files are modified (moved, renamed, or deleted);
  • The commands that would have been run are written to the standard log files in addition to all normal log messages, allowing the admin to validate the entire log maintenance process;
  • Both command-line and service mode can be used;