MSP Builder Products & Services

The Kaseya RMM Suite

A complete, turnkey suite for Kaseya VSA, it includes everything an MSP needs to build a highly efficient RMM platform at an extremely affordable cost. The package includes carefully crafted monitor sets to minimize noise; "smart monitors" that self-remediate and self-adjust to the system configuration; baseline profiles for AV, AM, and patching to insure a reliable and consistent deployment; an extensive procedure library; custom templates for Network Monitor; a collection of maintenance tools for day/nite operation; and a fully automated Service Desk with options for after-hours voice alerting.

Multi-Tool for Kaseya Service Desk

Designed for MSPs that want to "roll their own" Kaseya Service Desk applications. This tool provides a consistent interface to over 60 functions that provide high-precision math and comparison functions, advanced string manipluation and time calculation capabilities, and even the ability to trigger agent-specific remediation procedures. Designed for Kaseya VSA version 9 and above.

MSP Tool Chest

A collection of free tools that MSPs in general and users of Kaseya in particular will find useful.

Universal Login Script

How many different login scripts do you maintain for clients? How many languages do your engineers need understand to support this? The Universal Login Script is a code-free solution that is robust, reliable, and proven in operation at enterprise customers with hundreds of sites and thousands of users. Functions such as mapping drives, installing printers, displaying messages, and running commands are controlled through advanced logic. Configuration management is simplified through the use of a GUI-based management tool.

Log Management Service

Running as a system service, this tool can manage logs for any application. Logs can be archived by age to a ZIP file or directory, then deleted after a specific age to prevent disks from filling from unmanaged logs. Using a standard interface provides consistency and reduces the need for custom, one-off solutions that are ultimately impossible to maintain.

The Universal Login Script and Log Management Service are PSA-Agnostic tools and are designed to help the MSP gain control over these universal tasks by implementing a robust and standardized method across all customer systems. These will operate on any Windows platform from XP/Server 2003 and above.

MSP Builder Video

A short and concise video that explains what managed services are and how they benefit the customer's IT infrastructure. The video can be customized with your logo and is available in multiple dialects.