MSP Builder Products & Services

The RMM Suite for Kaseya VSA

A complete automation suite for Kaseya VSA, it includes everything an MSP needs to build a highly efficient and fully automated RMM platform at an extremely affordable cost.

Multi-Tool for Kaseya Service Desk

Designed for MSPs that want to "roll their own" Kaseya Service Desk applications, this tool provides a consistent interface to over 60 functions that provide high-precision math, advanced string manipluation, and time calculation capabilities.

Video Training

A collection of videos covering VSA Best Practices and Optimization, IT Best Practices, as well as instruction on how to leverage and optimize the entire MSP Builder product line.

MSP Tool Chest

A collection of tools - free and paid - that MSPs in general and users of Kaseya in particular will find useful for developing standards for common customer operational as well as common support tasks.

MSP Sales Video

A short and concise video that explains what managed services are and how they benefit the customer's IT infrastructure. The video can be customized with your logo and is available in multiple dialects.

Professional Services

Like having "an expert in your back pocket", our professional services can help with training, optimization, and even onboarding of your VSA platform.