The RMM Suite

The Business Case for the RMM Suite

Kaseya VSA is a powerful business tool for MSPs and internal IT departments. Many companies that employ the VSA barely scratch the surface of its capabilities. MSP Builder’s RMM Suite is a ready to use suite of highly integrated components that allow the abilities of the VSA to be more fully utilized with a minimum investment in time and money, enhancing the value of this powerful platform.

We have taken years of enterprise monitoring and management expertise and applied it to the capabilities of Kaseya VSA. By creating a platform that takes the capabilities of a typical SMB customer into account, monitors can be applied that provide the alerting necessary without the overwhelming ticket load that occurs when default monitors are applied. Our Smart Monitors employ advanced logic to insure that alerts trigger only when appropriate. Many use a “three strike” method to insure that a minor problem persists before alerting. How many times have you assigned a ticket for low disk space or outdated antivirus definitions, only to have the technician find everything operating properly? Smart Monitors force the antivirus product to perform an update when an out-of-date condition is found, waiting until the next check before alarming. Disk capacity alerts – often the bane of MSPs – now self-adjust based on the size of the disk being monitored – no manual intervention needed! (The monitors can be manually adjusted where necessary.)

Our Service Desk implementation reduces manually handled alerts even further through auto-remediation procedures. When an eligible alert is detected, a remediation process is automatically invoked. If the remediation is successful, the ticket is effectively eliminated from further handling. System safety is built into the auto-remediation function of this system – if the same alert occurs on the same system 4 times in 4 hours, it is passed into the ticketing system with high priority, even if it was resolved.

Our RMM Suite represents hundreds of hours of development and testing, which translates directly into reduced operating costs for your MSP implementation. The installation and training time is typically just 3 days, allowing you to fully realize the benefits of your VSA platform.

In summary, the RMM Suite provides:

  • Improved monitoring with tailored thresholds for typical customer environments.
  • Reduced tickets by eliminating noise from nuisance alerts (up to 63% reduction has been realized).
  • Reduction in manual handling of tickets from automation.
  • Daily Maintenance improves operation, results in fewer alerts.