RMM Suite Pricing

Base Price

The full RMM Suite is $2995 and includes the following items:

  • Full procedure library, including auto-remediation scripts
  • Baseline profiles for KAV and KAM
  • Baseline profiles for Patching
  • Highly tuned monitor sets for servers and workstations, plus additional sets for server applications and roles
  • "Smart Monitors" that auto-adjust to client environment, suppress transient events, and / or self-remediate
  • Complete set of System Policies to automate deployment of monitors, updates, patching, and AV/AM profiles, plus templates for common customer-specific policies.
  • A comprehensive set of monitor templates for Network Monitor, supporting performance and operational availablility alerts.
  • A fully automated service desk that supports auto-remediation, ticket consolidation, and delivery of tickets to most PSA platforms. Integrates with an optional Voice Incident Notification System.

Optional Components

Daily Maintenance Collection

The Daily Maintenance package adds all of the maintenance tools to keep systems running smoothly. The end-user GUI interface is also included and is fully customizable with your logo and links to your portal and web site.

Price for the maintenance package is $495 plus a monthly fee of $1 per endpoint. Updates and support are included in the monthly fee, as we are constantly adding new tools and smart monitors to this collection.

Incident Notification System

The incident notification system provides voice-call capability to your system using a web-based service. A separate fee is required to use the Internet phone service and costs just pennies per call (typically $0.08 to 0.12 per call). The incident notification system is a one-time cost of $495.

Purchase all 3 modules together for a 10% discount - total price is $3595.

Implementation & Training

Implementation fees are $1200 per day. A typical impmementation is 2 hours of pre-install review and customization, 4 hours for installation and initial configuration, and 1-2 full days for operational training and further customization.

Annual Support

Annual support is available after the first full year and is 15% of the RMM Suite cost (excluding the maintenance collection, which includes updates & support). Paid support entitles the MSP to platform updates and enhancements and technical support for the RMM Suite components.